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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide


Library:  Iterators

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A base iterator class


#include <iterator>

namespace std {
  template <class Category, class T, 
            class Distance = ptrdiff_t, class Pointer = T*,
            class Reference = T&>
  struct iterator
     typedef T value_type;
     typedef Distance difference_type;
     typedef Pointer pointer;
     typedef Reference reference;
     typedef Category iterator_category;


The iterator structure is a base class from which all other iterator types can be derived. This structure defines an interface that consists of five public types: value_type, difference_type, pointer, reference, and iterator_category. These types are used primarily by classes derived from iterator and by the iterator_traits class.

See the Iterators section for a description of iterators and the capabilities associated with various types.

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Standards Conformance

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 -- International Standard for Information Systems -- Programming Language C++, Section 24.3.2

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