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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide


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pointer_to_unary_function unary_function

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A function object class that adapts a pointer to a function, to take the place of a unary_function


#include <functional>

namespace std {
  template <class Arg, class Result>
  class pointer_to_unary_function;


The pointer_to_unary_function class encapsulates a pointer to a single-argument function. The class uses operator() so that the resulting object serves as a function object for that function.

The ptr_fun function is overloaded to create instances of pointer_to_unary_function when included with the appropriate pointer to a function.


See Also

Function Objects, pointer_to_binary_function, ptr_fun(), unary_function

Standards Conformance

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 -- International Standard for Information Systems -- Programming Language C++, Section 20.3.7

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