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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide


Library:  General utilities


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The header <memory> is part of the General utilities library of the C++ Standard Library. It defines the class template allocator; the specialization of allocator on void; the equality and inequality operators specialized for allocator; the class templates auto_ptr, auto_ptr_ref, and raw_storage_iterator; and the function templates get_temporary_buffer(), return_temporary_buffer(), uninitialized_copy(), uninitialized_fill(), and uninitialized_fill_n().


namespace std {
  template <class T> class allocator;
  template <> class allocator<void>;
  template <class T, class U>
  bool operator==(const allocator<T>&, 
                  const allocator<U>&) throw();
  template <class T, class U>
  bool operator!=(const allocator<T>&, 
                  const allocator<U>&) throw();

  template <class OutputIterator, class T> 
  class raw_storage_iterator;

  template <class T>
  pair<T*, ptrdiff_t> get_temporary_buffer(ptrdiff_t);
  template <class T>
  void return_temporary_buffer(T*);

  template <class InputIterator, class ForwardIterator>
  uninitialized_copy(InputIterator, InputIterator, 
                     ForwardIterator result);
  template <class ForwardIterator, class T>
  void uninitialized_fill(ForwardIterator, ForwardIterator, 
                         const T&);
  template <class ForwardIterator, class Size, class T>
  void uninitialized_fill_n(ForwardIterator, Size n, 
                            const T&);

  template<class X> class auto_ptr;

See Also

allocator, raw_storage_iterator, get_temporary_buffer(), return_temporary_buffer(), uninitialized_copy(), uninitialized_fill(), uninitialized_fill_n(), auto_ptr

Standards Conformance

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 -- International Standard for Information Systems -- Programming Language C++, Section 20.4

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