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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide


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The header <limits> is part of the Language support library of the C++ Standard Library. It provides a C++ program with information about various properties of the implementation's representation of the fundamental types. The header defines the class template numeric_limits and specializations of the template on all fundamental arithmetic types.


namespace std {
  template<class T> class numeric_limits;
  enum float_round_style;
  enum float_denorm_style;

  template<> class numeric_limits<bool>;

  template<> class numeric_limits<char>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<signed char>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<unsigned char>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<wchar_t>;

  template<> class numeric_limits<short>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<int>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<long>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<unsigned short>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<unsigned int>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<unsigned long>;

  template<> class numeric_limits<float>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<double>;
  template<> class numeric_limits<long double>;

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Standards Conformance

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 -- International Standard for Information Systems --Programming Language C++, Section 18.2.1

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