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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide


Library:  Input/output


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The header <ios> is part of the Input/output library of the Standard C++ Library. It defines the types streamoff and streampos, the class ios_base, the class templates fpos and basic_ios, and the manipulator functions boolalpha(), noboolalpha(), showbase(), noshowbase(), showpoint(), noshowpoint(), showpos(), noshowpos(), skipws(), noskipws(), uppercase(), nouppercase(), internal(), left(), right(), dec(), hex(), oct(), fixed(), and scientific().


#include <iosfwd>

namespace std {
  typedef  OFF_T   streamoff;
  typedef  SZ_T  streamsize;
  template <class stateT> class fpos;

  class ios_base;
  template <class charT, class traits = char_traits<charT> >
  class basic_ios;

  ios_base& boolalpha(ios_base&);
  ios_base& noboolalpha(ios_base&);

  ios_base& showbase(ios_base&);
  ios_base& noshowbase(ios_base&);

  ios_base& showpoint(ios_base&);
  ios_base& noshowpoint(ios_base&);

  ios_base& showpos(ios_base&);
  ios_base& noshowpos(ios_base&);

  ios_base& skipws(ios_base&);
  ios_base& noskipws(ios_base&);

  ios_base& uppercase(ios_base&);
  ios_base& nouppercase(ios_base&);

  ios_base& internal(ios_base&);
  ios_base& left(ios_base&);
  ios_base& right(ios_base&);

  ios_base& dec(ios_base&);
  ios_base& hex(ios_base&);
  ios_base& oct(ios_base&);

  ios_base& fixed(ios_base&);
  ios_base& scientific(ios_base&);

See Also

fpos, ios_base, basic_ios

Standards Conformance

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 -- International Standard for Information Systems --Programming Language C++, Section 27.4

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