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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide

Insert Iterators

Library:  Iterators

insert_iterator iterator

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An iterator adaptor that allows an iterator to insert into a container rather than overwrite elements in the container


#include <iterator>

namespace std {
  template <class Container>
  class insert_iterator;

  template <class Container>
  class back_insert_iterator;

  template <class Container>
  class front_insert_iterator;


Insert iterators are iterator adaptors that let an iterator insert new elements into a collection rather than overwrite existing elements when copying to a container. There are several types of insert iterator classes.


See Also

back_insert_iterator, front_insert_iterator, insert_iterator

Standards Conformance

ISO/IEC 14882:1998 -- International Standard for Information Systems -- Programming Language C++, Section 24.4.2

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