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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide

Project History

In July 2005 Rogue Wave Software, Inc. contributed its commercial implementation of the C++ Standard Library to the Apache Software Foundation, a proven code base that has been shipping for over a decade and is among the most widely used cross-platform implementations of the library.


While many volunteers have a contributed to the Apache C++ Standard Library since the inception of the project in 2005, the following people made their mark before then.

Rogue Wave SourcePro Core Product Team: Tim Adams, Andrew Black, Jeremy Dean, Erin Foley, Keith Hoaglin, Ravi Inampudi, Amit Jindal, Dennis Kennedy, Shannon Lewis, Liviu Nicoara, Martin Sebor, Nikki Sharma, Marcia Steele, Giai Truong

Original Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library Team: Timothy Budd, Anna Dahan, Kevin Djang, Donald Fowler, Marlene Hart, Angelika Langer, Phillipe LeMouel, Wendi Minne, Rodney Mishima, Tom Pearson, Randi Prince, Randall Robinson, Randy Smithey, Chun Zhang

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