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Apache C++ Standard Library Reference Guide

2.1 Correlation with the Standard

The Apache C++ Standard Library implements sections 17 through 27 and Annexes C, D, and E of the C++ Standard. The C++ Standard contains the following libraries:

These libraries are described in the following sections. The header files for each library are listed in the table below each library's description. Next to each header file, the names of corresponding entries in this Reference Guide are given. An entry may be the name of a component in a header file or a related topic, such as Iterators or Exceptions. The names of public header files provided by this implementation are the same as the Standard header files.

This chapter is provided as an alternate index to help you find components for programming tasks as described in the Standard. If you are reading this manual online, click the name of a library to go to its description in this chapter. Click the name of a header file or component to go to its entry in this Reference Guide.

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